Saturday, December 10, 2011


Today's post is meant to be informative and educational, and not just a bunch of pretty pictures!!

I wanted to let you in on a little behind the scenes activity that goes on after the camera shutter has snapped.
If you have been reading here at all you will have already heard me say many times that I am in the business of creating works of art...not just snapshots! 

Each and every final image presented to my customers for purchase has gone through a rigorous set of adjustments to get the look just where my artistic eye says it belongs.  

Some images are intrinsically harder than others. 
I have an example for ya! 

This is a shot I took at a wedding a few weeks ago. (I bet you recognize this beautiful couple don't ya?)

That image is SOOC (remember that is our photo lingo for straight out of camera).  It isn't cropped, adjusted, pushed, pulled...nothing!! 
Now you might look at it and be thinking...okaaaaay, so what is wrong with it? 

Well it isn't so much that there is something wrong with it, but more that there could be things that could be more right with it!

I knew right away how I wanted the final image to look, and knew just as quickly that I was going to have to outsource this one to make it happen.  It is good to know your limitations, but even better to know just the right person to help.

I got in touch with my amazing friend over at Sweet Tea Enhancements and asked for her professional help on one part of this image...the iron scroll work just behind the couple.
It is distracting and busy, and I just didn't want it in there taking away from their faces.
(People say all the time...hey can't you just photoshop that out?  Well, yes you can if you happen to have that program, I don't!!)
Here is what she sent back to me...
...which is exactly what I'd asked for.  She knew I would want to work on the rest of the image myself!! 
Thanks Rachel, for your work! 

I was pretty excited at this point to finish out my vision for this piece.


Sharpen here, highlight there, brush, vignette, soften, enhance...I almost feel like a santa's helper working so hard this time of year.

Then, just for kicks I made it a square!  Ohhhh, ahhhh who doesn't love a 5x5???

Well, there you have it! 
Just a little peek into my edit process.

Blessings to you,

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Family of Four

We went into this session with a ton of different goals in mind, and I am pretty sure that we accomplished them all. Woohoo!! 

It is amazing what you can do in an hours time, even with a very busy, little guy in the mix. 

Songs were sung, 

sticks were wrangled,
and kisses were given. 

 All a part of just how this family relates to each other, and the world.

This is my ultimate favorite from our whole time together...big deep sigh, seeing all that love in one place!!


Makes me melt a about you??

 Blessings to you,

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sneak Peek

I had 2 amazing opportunities on November 19th. 

The first was an early morning shoot with an incredibly delightful family of four. 
Here are the cutest two!!  No offense Mom and Dad.  (I think they would agree, don't you!)

 The next thing on the agenda??
Why a wedding of course!

A wedding day means well over a thousand pictures to sort through...looking forward to it!! 

More to come from both of these!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Business of Silliness!!

I knew I was in for a good time when this brother and sister pair tumbled out of their car bursting with energy. 

Despite the difference in their gender and age, it was so obvious that these siblings have a love for each other.

This is an image that neither I nor Mom chose, but I wanted to share it with you. 

First of all, because it shows the love, and secondly because it shows one of this set of images SOOC. 
That is Straight Out Of Camera in photographer lingo. 
It just means that is how the picture looks the day I take it, before it hits the additional artistic, creative time called editing!!
All of the images you choose for your final photographs go through an editing process which makes each of them sing just a bit.
Here let me show you an example. 
This is a another shot SOOC.  

Obviously brother was a tiny bit too silly for this shot to work into Mom's plan of just right, HOWEVER...just look at her adorable sparkling eyes and tiny bit of a grin. 
I simply couldn't let this one pass me by without zeroing in on what was wonderful about it.

So I cropped, adjusted....and did a whole bunch of other stuff I won't bore you with and voila' here is the final edit!!!  

I made sure and let Mom know when I sent these along for her preview, that this was what this shot was meant for.   That is part of my job ya help you see the possibility of wonderfulness!

Now where were we?  Oh my yes, crazy love silliness!

Yes, they were full to the brim with silliness! 
This really allowed them to open up and relax, which was fine by me. 
We took a whole series of silly, crazy shots, then got down to serious business to get just the right image that Mom wanted!

Okay, I admit it...they got to business because I promised we could do a whole 'nother set of crazy pictures. 
My time as a Mom has taught me that most of the time, kids just want a little say so in something, and they are more than willing to give what it takes to accomplish a task.

(I have a goal for myself of working between the moments anyway, so I knew I could work with "their plan"!!!) 

I think we all had a fun time this (deliciously sunlit), crisp Saturday morning... and I have the pictures to prove it!!! 

I hope this particular post has let you once again see who I am, what I aim to do, and a little bit of how I work. 
Blessings to you,

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Choices, choices

 Yes, choices.  They are a significant part of my business plan for my clients.
Does that make you want to turn and run?
Do you have enough choices in your life, and you don't need more things complicating your daily existence?? 
Well, come on back and let me explain, okay??
After each session I load the best of the best images into an album for client viewing.  Each client is then given the choice as to which images they want to have edited for sharing and prints. 

I think that is important! 
You know you best, right? 
So why should it be me picking what images I think are best for you??? 

See that isn't complicated. 
Although I do hope that I have done such an amazing job that you struggle to narrow those choices down!! 
(There is a clause for just such a problem btw!!  See #7 on my FAQ page!)

So far I have found that my choices for what I would choose, line up with my clients only about 60% of the time; which only goes to show that "choices" are a good thing!!

Here are MY choices for favorites from this shoot.  I am looking forward to seeing what theirs are!!

Oh, yes forgot to mention...these were shot specifically with Christmas in mind!  Not too soon for that now is it??

Blessings to you,

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Princess Party

I mentioned a few days back that I had the unique opportunity to be the official roving photojournalist at a wonderfully entertaining 4 year old Princess Birthday Party.

This was by no means a regular "session" but I like to work outside of the box sometimes; this event gave me a unique photographer opportunity which I heartily enjoyed! 

Here are a few images from that big event!
The Princess who we were all there to celebrate looked splendid in her lovely floor length gown of red velvet.  I asked her to give me her best "Princess Pose" and this was what she gave me!!

She was quite the hostess greeting all of her guests and shuttling them in for an evening of delight.

The Princesses arrived one by one in gowns suited to each of their adorable personalities. 

Some were willing to give me their most excellent princess posture...

...while others were shy and left me to capture them from afar!

Being the mom of a Princess myself, I can tell you there is just nothing like getting girls together all dressed up and in pretend mode.  They are such a delight in how their imaginations grow with every step of their high heeled feet, and every swish of their faux satin gowns!
 It was oh so much fun to be able to capture so many of those treasured moments as they unfolded that night!

And let me just tell you didn't end when the candles were blown and cake was eaten!!!

NO, then they got down to the real fun which included makeup, crafts and movies and even a sleepover I hear!!  

I had to lay aside my camera and get back to my other job of being a Mom and missed almost all of those things.


Happy Birthday little princess!! 


Saturday, October 29, 2011

Sneak Peek Time

I had two sessions this morning, back to back!!

The weather was perfect and my subjects...Amazing!

The first, two kids!  This brother and sister arrived overflowing with energy, and we got busy being silly!

Then, I got to spend time with this delightful young couple!  They both have wonderful smiles that light their whole faces!

I couldn't go showing you that in a sneak peek, now could I??

More to come later! 
Blessings to you,

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Newborn (and his brother!)

Just 7 short days from the time of this picture, this precious tiny love was curled up in his mothers womb. 

Sorting through the images that I captured of these adorable boys got me to pondering a few things

Isn't it amazing how God magically shapes an infant and makes him completely ready to meet this world?

What a wonder the love that overwhelms you instantly when a child is placed in your care and you never turn back from it.

What a gift...the bond of brotherhood!  

Yeah, those were just a few things that crossed my mind as I was editing these pictures. 
I also thought about the scripture where Mary is taking in the delight of her newborn baby and all that went along with that.
Luke 2:19 But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart.  

That is what we Mommies do, right?  
Gather the moments and tuck them away to treasure them as we wonder what these innocent newborns will become one day!

Oh, I also figure out that 2 year olds don't stay still for more than precisely 12 seconds so always be prepared to work quickly!!

 The time with these boys and their Mom, was a treat!

Another "session" I had last week was shooting a 4 year old Princess Birthday Party.
I have to put the word session in quotes there because it was anything but a traditional session. 
I was hired to be the official roving photojournalist, while my fellow photographer friend Mom got to just be the Mom!!
What a treat for both of us!
I will share a bit of that with you later in the week.
Well, I suppose that fills you in on "What's going on" around here! 
Blessings to you,

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Well, it is official!

I have decided to use this image as a part of my design and logo work.

I had this particular concept in my mind for months, working out just how I would like shoot it. I talked about it with my best buddy, I worked over the details in my mind, I dreamed about it...okay maybe I didn't dream about it, but it was on my mind often.

The spring flowers made their appearance around our area; though this year they were rather sparse in comparison to previous years.
Eventually, as we worked our way closer to summer there were a few stragglers left, with a nice variety of dandelions standing proudly.
A lovely family walk to the park (with my camera handy of course) found me aching to finally make this one happen.
I have three children, but knew it was my middle son who would prove the best assistant on this project. 
He set out to find the perfect dandelion specimen as I worked on setting up the shot through my viewfinder.  
Together we worked on just the right amount of huff and puff for the best scattering of beautiful white fluffs sailing through the air.
I would say, if memory serves me correctly, that only 5 "flowers" gave themselves for the cause.

You can see the original uncut version here.

Why do I choose this particular image to represent me and my company?  
This is a serious question I had to ask myself and then truly look to answer.
This is what I decided. 
It is taken outdoors, using the best of what God has to offer.  
It is a delightful representation of my son, his gentleness and sweet spirit all wrapped up with his red-faced little boy-ness from playing so hard at the park. 
It is not a "sit here and smile at the camera" picture and I wouldn't trade it for one of those. Ever!
The colors! Oh yes, color is a constant distraction in my life. (in a good way, I assure you)
The composition and attention to detail provide a glimpse into my artistic nature which simply cannot be stifled no matter how much is going on in my life.
I know the seriousness of planning that went into this picture, though the actual shooting time was very small and that makes me just grin to have it all come together for a photograph which will bring me joy long after this precious child of mine is grown. 

I suppose that about sums it up!

I am looking forward to a Bridal Portrait session coming up soon.  
Now you know I won't be able to share that with you, right?? 
Well, not until after the wedding anyway.

That is "What's going on" here for now, I hope this little glimpse into my thinking helps to show you a bit more about who I am and what I aim do!
Blessings to you,