Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Coming Soon...

I am just fairly bursting with ideas to make these mini sessions fun and fantastic....gotta scale down my thinking for sure to get as much squeezed into those 15 minutes as possible!! 

Looking forward to sharing the love when all is said and done!!

Blessings to you,

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Beauty in the fog

I woke at 5:00 A.M. the morning of this shoot!  I know that is a bit tough to swallow, it was for me at the time too, but there is a story there!!
If you follow my work on Facebook at all you probably couldn't help but notice a rash of mare and foal images.  Those new foals only come once a year and I try my best to arrive at the ranch as close to their time of birth as possible.  The foals, when born are so thin, gangly and wobbly...and beyond adorable.  Skin stretched over their boney frame, they fill out within days and I don't like missing those moments.

I had hoped a new foal would arrive this morning!  I was just sure it would make its appearance right as I drove up and I could capture the whole she-bang in my camera.  Hmmm, she sure showed me...arriving about 8 hours later!! 

This is supposed to be about a maternity session, and I promise I will get to that, really I do...but you just have to see the baby born that day!!  You MUST!!

Ahhhhhh, isn't she a delight!?! 

Ohhhh boy, back to our previous discussion.  I got up early and headed to the ranch, in hopes of a baby!  I was a little distressed throughout my drive there, as the fog was very, very thick and got even thicker as I pulled onto the property. 
I soon learned to be thankful for the unexpected!

This moment is forever frozen in my mind...and thankfully also with the snap of my shutter.

 I saw it happen and felt like I moved like molasses as I tried to get my camera to my face in enough time to capture the unbelievable beauty, just presented to me.  Wowza, what a thrill.

That fog went on to delight me as the sun began to rise and my bright and early family arrived for their sunrise session.

I must admit I probably rushed them about a bit...eager to get a few shots in before the fog burned off.

I truly love the feeling it gives to these images and would gladly work under these conditions again!! 

I sent the boys off to play a bit while I worked with mom and her too, too cute pregnant belly!  Seriously, is she not the most adorable pregnant woman you have seen!?!  (Let's just say, I am glad not to have had many pictures of myself at this time in my life!! ;) )

We got distracted when the boys came back over, and ended up with what is my personal favorite shot of the day.

 Since their son had been such a trooper for the whole event, we couldn't help but take advantage of the bull dozer that just happened to be near by!  Come on!!  There is nothing better to a truck loving boy than actually getting to sit on a real tractor and pretend away!

Just look at him checking it out...he loves it!! 

What is a momma likely to do, when the delight of her life is so enthralled?? 
Yeah...she is likely to gaze at him in wonder.  Moms...they do a lot of that don't they?!?

 What a day!! I loved it!!  Thanks for sharing a few of the beautiful shots from our day!!

Blessings to you,