Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Newborn (and his brother!)

Just 7 short days from the time of this picture, this precious tiny love was curled up in his mothers womb. 

Sorting through the images that I captured of these adorable boys got me to pondering a few things

Isn't it amazing how God magically shapes an infant and makes him completely ready to meet this world?

What a wonder the love that overwhelms you instantly when a child is placed in your care and you never turn back from it.

What a gift...the bond of brotherhood!  

Yeah, those were just a few things that crossed my mind as I was editing these pictures. 
I also thought about the scripture where Mary is taking in the delight of her newborn baby and all that went along with that.
Luke 2:19 But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart.  

That is what we Mommies do, right?  
Gather the moments and tuck them away to treasure them as we wonder what these innocent newborns will become one day!

Oh, I also figure out that 2 year olds don't stay still for more than precisely 12 seconds so always be prepared to work quickly!!

 The time with these boys and their Mom, was a treat!

Another "session" I had last week was shooting a 4 year old Princess Birthday Party.
I have to put the word session in quotes there because it was anything but a traditional session. 
I was hired to be the official roving photojournalist, while my fellow photographer friend Mom got to just be the Mom!!
What a treat for both of us!
I will share a bit of that with you later in the week.
Well, I suppose that fills you in on "What's going on" around here! 
Blessings to you,