Sunday, October 30, 2011

Princess Party

I mentioned a few days back that I had the unique opportunity to be the official roving photojournalist at a wonderfully entertaining 4 year old Princess Birthday Party.

This was by no means a regular "session" but I like to work outside of the box sometimes; this event gave me a unique photographer opportunity which I heartily enjoyed! 

Here are a few images from that big event!
The Princess who we were all there to celebrate looked splendid in her lovely floor length gown of red velvet.  I asked her to give me her best "Princess Pose" and this was what she gave me!!

She was quite the hostess greeting all of her guests and shuttling them in for an evening of delight.

The Princesses arrived one by one in gowns suited to each of their adorable personalities. 

Some were willing to give me their most excellent princess posture...

...while others were shy and left me to capture them from afar!

Being the mom of a Princess myself, I can tell you there is just nothing like getting girls together all dressed up and in pretend mode.  They are such a delight in how their imaginations grow with every step of their high heeled feet, and every swish of their faux satin gowns!
 It was oh so much fun to be able to capture so many of those treasured moments as they unfolded that night!

And let me just tell you didn't end when the candles were blown and cake was eaten!!!

NO, then they got down to the real fun which included makeup, crafts and movies and even a sleepover I hear!!  

I had to lay aside my camera and get back to my other job of being a Mom and missed almost all of those things.


Happy Birthday little princess!!