Monday, February 27, 2012

To scout or to shoot??

A photography buddy of mine and I headed over to a piece of property to scout out the lay of the land, hoping it might be a good place to shoot some pictures someday. 

She had her boy with her there, which was awesome because it gave us something to aim our cameras at! 

However the problem came in when our host handed him some flowers...
 ...and then the sun caught his hair!

 And then he grinned at me!

(Oh boy....the look on his face... equally charming in black and white!! )

Uhhh, just so ya know.  He took those flowers and smashed them all against that there tractor type implement, but not before I could snap off a few more shots that Mom couldn't live without. 

Okay, Okay...I know you wanted to see the flower smashing, now didn't you? 
I had to change the color up on that one because of the mood shift.  No longer pensive and thoughtful, but just a full out rough and tumble boy in action!

 You know what though?  I am finding it very hard to remember what the property looked like that I went out there to see in the first place.   I sure can get distracted by sunshine and flowers and little boys who grin at my camera!!
I think I will place a call right now to those kind folks and ask if I can head out there again.  I am just really not sure if good pictures can be made out there or not!!  ;)

 Blessings to you,

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Baby Z

This was a very special session for me! 
It is a tad bittersweet simply because of the uncertainty of what is to come.
You see...this little chap with his full head of luxurious hair is a new foster child to my best buddy.  

There is no guarantee that he will stay in their home or have the benefit of their love for him.  

After some fairly heartfelt conversation, together my buddy and I decided that we would pretend for awhile that everything might just all fall into place, and take a chance on capturing the beginning of this little life for the benefit of their possible future together.

Oh the plans I had for this fella and his official newborn pictures! 
Plans for him to sleep...

....and be molded and shaped into all sorts of adorable positions!

There comes a point in time where you just have to give up on the big plans and go with what is really happening!! 

Don't let these next few images fool you, this was all of about 17 minutes of total sleep time in 6 minute intervals.  (I know that is mathematically impossible, just work with me ok!?!)

 Here is a fun outtake for you.  We gently and carefully positioned him in this bowl and then commenced to try to convince him he liked it and wanted to sleep there for his whole infancy.

He didn't!! 

Nevertheless, I snapped quickly between stretches and repositions as he struggled to wake instead of snuggled to sleep.

 I will say that this is a shot I went into the session determined to take, so I was glad to have gotten it despite the non sleepiness of our little guy!

Baby Z is blessed to be in the home he is in, no matter how long he gets to stay there.
Here is to hoping and praying that someday you will be seeing his one, and two, and three year old pictures as well. 

Blessings to you,

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Babies take lots of work!!

I couldn't help but keep to that title, though it doesn't always ring true for every baby photographed! 

You is that this baby you see below, is the foster child of my best buddy, and let me tell you she is feeling the Mom of a newborn (and an additional almost 2 year old) thing in full force.

I am currently working through the images of him for editing, and it is taking quite a bit of time! 
But, it is truly worth it to me to get it right.

Here is a before....

 ...and and an after!

Yeah, that is just right for me!
Simple and clean bringing out his gorgeous brown skin and cutey cute baby pudge.

Doesn't a little baby pudge just make ya melt a bit!!

More to come from this session soon, you will just have to be patient in the waiting for it!!

Blessings to you,