Saturday, July 28, 2012

Just another morning...

We began this shoot by opening wide the front door of their home, letting the natural light spill in.  It was such a nice day that we ended up spilling out...onto the front lawn!!

 I bet you recognize this fellow and his dump truck!!  He was pretty stinkin' excited that Mom decided to purchase that truck for a special newborn shot with brother.  He was all too willing to show me just how it worked!  I just love the complete joy he has when playing with trucks!

We were able to get it away from him and settle sleepy little brother in for the shot Mom was hoping for. 

But as you probably have already guessed...he eventually got it back!!

 Just look at those little baby hands wrapped around Daddy's big hands. 
(And, can I just say....I love it when a man holds a baby like a football!!!) 

So thankful for this sweet family letting me come into their home and capture them going about real life...with a little bit of posing mixed in.  I wanted to capture for them, the love they share, and the joy they are living!!  Well...and obviously a picture or two of that handsome newborn fellow!!

Blessings to you,