EQUINE Portraits

I am excited that you have found this little page and are considering the idea of a portrait session with your horse.  Next to photographing new foals, this type of work is where I get the most joy.  That relationship that you have with your horse is important, and the idea of shooting images to help you show that to whoever cares to listen...well, it just thrills me. 
The discounted price session must be booked and fulfilled by May 30th to secure the price. June 1st I will move into my regular pricing with a solid foundation of work beneath me.
The total discounted price with tax will be $194.85. A deposit of $64.85 will hold your spot, and a balance of $130.00 would be due on the day of the shoot. I will accept the deposit in the form of a paypal invoice.
I will treat these sessions exactly like a full priced session, so you get all of the bang for less buck!!

Sessions can be custom designed to suit the particular need and expectation of each and every client, so please feel free to inquire with your goals in mind, but just for kicks here is some of what a regular session includes at the price of $395.00.  Travel more than 25 miles from my homebase will incur a travel fee of .35c per mile.

• Plan to carve out 2 hours of time.  We may not use that entire time for shooting, but a block of time is needed!!
•Together we will plan the day of the shoot, the location, the perfect time of day for you horse, and what we will need to shoot to accomplish the goals you have in mind. 
•My equine assistant and I will arrive, scope out the property, create a custom plan, then set to work on making the best use of our time together.  You can plan on one or two outfit changes, this will also give your horse some downtime!!
• I will take that camera full of images back to my home and carefully select the very best from our time together.  A good average is 12- 15 images, but there may be more that I simply must work up to show you. These images will become what I call your 'gallery'.  The gallery is the set of shots that will be available for you to shop from to create a print order.
**Prints, and print products are a separate purchase from your equine session fee.**

•We will plan a time about 2 weeks out from the shoot for your in person ordering session.  At your ordering session, you will be presented with a 4x6 professional print of each image from your gallery.  These images, held in your hands, will help fine tune your print product decisions, and are a gift to you for entrusting this very important time in your life to me. 


 A variety of high quality photographic products are available for displaying your finished images, we cover all of that in your ordering session! Please consider that though we live in a digital age, there is just nothing like a photograph lovingly displayed, it is how it should be!!

•Your print order will also come with a cd of images.  These will be a set of watermarked digital files for social media sharing, and a set of backup low resolution files with permission to print up to an 8x10.  While I do give permission for printing at your favorite discount printer, I sure don't recommend it...and as you can imagine cannot guarantee the quality. 

 *Tax rate of 8.25% applies to all session fees and prints purchased.

email: tjwshop@gmail.com or shoot a text or give a ring to 281-468-3039

In case you needed a review of what is included in an equine session at the price of $395.00....here ya go: 
Shooting time of about an hour, more or less depending on how our horse is handling the shoot.
Experienced Equine assistant on hand to help handle horse and get its attention when needed.
A gallery of 10-15 images of the very best from our time together.
An in person ordering session where you will be presented a 4x6 print of each image from your gallery. (a $50- $75.00 value!!!) These images will be what you use to decide which images are your favorites and which you simply must have printed for hanging in that special spot.  All other prints and print products are an additional fee. 
A cd of the images of your choice with digital images for social media, as well as printing rights up to an 8x10.