Sunday, September 11, 2011

Well, it is official!

I have decided to use this image as a part of my design and logo work.

I had this particular concept in my mind for months, working out just how I would like shoot it. I talked about it with my best buddy, I worked over the details in my mind, I dreamed about it...okay maybe I didn't dream about it, but it was on my mind often.

The spring flowers made their appearance around our area; though this year they were rather sparse in comparison to previous years.
Eventually, as we worked our way closer to summer there were a few stragglers left, with a nice variety of dandelions standing proudly.
A lovely family walk to the park (with my camera handy of course) found me aching to finally make this one happen.
I have three children, but knew it was my middle son who would prove the best assistant on this project. 
He set out to find the perfect dandelion specimen as I worked on setting up the shot through my viewfinder.  
Together we worked on just the right amount of huff and puff for the best scattering of beautiful white fluffs sailing through the air.
I would say, if memory serves me correctly, that only 5 "flowers" gave themselves for the cause.

You can see the original uncut version here.

Why do I choose this particular image to represent me and my company?  
This is a serious question I had to ask myself and then truly look to answer.
This is what I decided. 
It is taken outdoors, using the best of what God has to offer.  
It is a delightful representation of my son, his gentleness and sweet spirit all wrapped up with his red-faced little boy-ness from playing so hard at the park. 
It is not a "sit here and smile at the camera" picture and I wouldn't trade it for one of those. Ever!
The colors! Oh yes, color is a constant distraction in my life. (in a good way, I assure you)
The composition and attention to detail provide a glimpse into my artistic nature which simply cannot be stifled no matter how much is going on in my life.
I know the seriousness of planning that went into this picture, though the actual shooting time was very small and that makes me just grin to have it all come together for a photograph which will bring me joy long after this precious child of mine is grown. 

I suppose that about sums it up!

I am looking forward to a Bridal Portrait session coming up soon.  
Now you know I won't be able to share that with you, right?? 
Well, not until after the wedding anyway.

That is "What's going on" here for now, I hope this little glimpse into my thinking helps to show you a bit more about who I am and what I aim do!
Blessings to you,