Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Choices, choices

 Yes, choices.  They are a significant part of my business plan for my clients.
Does that make you want to turn and run?
Do you have enough choices in your life, and you don't need more things complicating your daily existence?? 
Well, come on back and let me explain, okay??
After each session I load the best of the best images into an album for client viewing.  Each client is then given the choice as to which images they want to have edited for sharing and prints. 

I think that is important! 
You know you best, right? 
So why should it be me picking what images I think are best for you??? 

See that isn't complicated. 
Although I do hope that I have done such an amazing job that you struggle to narrow those choices down!! 
(There is a clause for just such a problem btw!!  See #7 on my FAQ page!)

So far I have found that my choices for what I would choose, line up with my clients only about 60% of the time; which only goes to show that "choices" are a good thing!!

Here are MY choices for favorites from this shoot.  I am looking forward to seeing what theirs are!!

Oh, yes forgot to mention...these were shot specifically with Christmas in mind!  Not too soon for that now is it??

Blessings to you,