About Me

 Hi, I am Jennifer of JD Waterhouse Photography! 

My goal with my photographs is to see people...the way someone who loves them sees them; to give visual evidence of the stories we are telling as we live our love out each day.
I want to capture real moments, whether in laughter or in thoughtful pondering.

My specialties are...
Custom Senior Sessions: Photos to highlight the individuality of each Senior at this special time in their lives.
Sessions starting at $275.00 with a special print credit.

"Equine Portrait Sessions": This is a specialized equine session designed to show the unique bond between a horse and its rider.
Sessions starting at $255.00 with a print credit

Equine: Horses in their own environment, naturally capturing the beauty of each animal.
Hourly rate of $150.00 and hour, 2 hour minimum for booking. (Each job dependent upon needs, will result in individual negotiations for digital images and prints.) 

  I like to grab moments as they happen and work fluidly with whatever turn a photo shoot may take.
That just means that sometimes what may seem like the perfect pose or well intentioned shot may not be the thing that makes the best picture! 
I have a feeling if you want "sit down and face the camera with a smile" photos, then I am not the girl for you.

I am an artist, and have been honing that skill set since my time at Harding University where I secured my Bachelor of Arts and Science specializing in Fine Art. 
It was then that I took my "love of coloring" and turned it into an art degree.  I haven't gone back since, doing some form of artwork constantly, as my time as a Mom has allowed. 
Learning photography and the joy it brings me has been a blessing, which I look forward to sharing with you.

Peruse my work and see what I have been busy seeing!!
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Jennifer D. Watrous an on location, natural light photographer
Serving The Woodlands, Texas (just north of Houston) and its surrounding communities.
email: tjwshop@gmail.com
Cell: 281-468-3039