Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I'm Flexible!

The longer I live, the more I learn the value of flexibility!!! 
Rain and soggy ground day after day, meant making changes to long laid plans that this Bride to Be and I had originally determined. 
Instead of a "one hour session" we took the frustration of rain and turned it into an opportunity to create 2 unique looks in 2 shorter half hour sessions. 

Sure, it meant driving and meeting twice, but we were all game, so that is what we did.   I use the term "we" here very loosely!!  This Groom to Be was obviously just along for the ride, and willingly went along with anything "we" suggested!!

 You gotta love a fellow who goes along with a plan because he loves his gal.

Our first day to meet was gloomy and cloudy, which ended up being a wonderful color palate undertone for the purple and blues this couple chose to wear.

 The second day came upon us quicker than we thought as we scrambled to get together 2 days earlier than our rescheduled shoot date. Yes, I did just say scramble!  My girl was watching the weather and called, letting me know that more rain was on the way.  We just couldn't have way!!

We were just aching for some sunshine, and shining it was so... meet we did!!

We had a great time together, and I am thankful that this couple didn't mind a little flexibility in their lives either.

This is my new favorite quote of late...."Those who are flexible, don't get bent out of shape!!" 

Blessings to you,