Monday, February 27, 2012

To scout or to shoot??

A photography buddy of mine and I headed over to a piece of property to scout out the lay of the land, hoping it might be a good place to shoot some pictures someday. 

She had her boy with her there, which was awesome because it gave us something to aim our cameras at! 

However the problem came in when our host handed him some flowers...
 ...and then the sun caught his hair!

 And then he grinned at me!

(Oh boy....the look on his face... equally charming in black and white!! )

Uhhh, just so ya know.  He took those flowers and smashed them all against that there tractor type implement, but not before I could snap off a few more shots that Mom couldn't live without. 

Okay, Okay...I know you wanted to see the flower smashing, now didn't you? 
I had to change the color up on that one because of the mood shift.  No longer pensive and thoughtful, but just a full out rough and tumble boy in action!

 You know what though?  I am finding it very hard to remember what the property looked like that I went out there to see in the first place.   I sure can get distracted by sunshine and flowers and little boys who grin at my camera!!
I think I will place a call right now to those kind folks and ask if I can head out there again.  I am just really not sure if good pictures can be made out there or not!!  ;)

 Blessings to you,