Thursday, February 2, 2012

Babies take lots of work!!

I couldn't help but keep to that title, though it doesn't always ring true for every baby photographed! 

You is that this baby you see below, is the foster child of my best buddy, and let me tell you she is feeling the Mom of a newborn (and an additional almost 2 year old) thing in full force.

I am currently working through the images of him for editing, and it is taking quite a bit of time! 
But, it is truly worth it to me to get it right.

Here is a before....

 ...and and an after!

Yeah, that is just right for me!
Simple and clean bringing out his gorgeous brown skin and cutey cute baby pudge.

Doesn't a little baby pudge just make ya melt a bit!!

More to come from this session soon, you will just have to be patient in the waiting for it!!

Blessings to you,