Monday, January 30, 2012

Senior time!!

I had a chance to chat with this fellow before his Senior session to try and determine the "look" he wanted.
You know, he kind of looked at me like I was crazy, but I am used to that!! 

So, I tried a different tact.
I asked, what is important to you?  How do you want people to see you, and what do you want to remember most about this time in your life?

His reply, "God and the Bible are most important to me".  As for the rest of it... he still maintained that "you must be crazy" look!!  (Oh yes, I get it often, especially from teenage boys!)

So, between times of craziness and fun, we were able to work together to achieve this group of shots.

So, just know if you call me for a session I will be throwing crazy questions at you to get a closer idea of the  person you want people to know you are.
Don't worry if all you can do is think of me as a "crazy artist"; I have been living that description so long, I kindof tend to see it as a compliment now!!

Blessings to you,