Saturday, June 1, 2013

Passing Time

Raise your hand if you have a terrible problem with keeping a running blog roll. 

Hand raised HIGH right here. 
 Actually I used to write a daily blog...yes I said daily.  But, that was before I got my camera.  Well, technically that was before I found out that I love horses.  It has just been a downhill spiral since then.

I went in search of an old post to share with you from there...ohhh it was entertaining to look and read through my life at that time.  It is good to do such things and see true growth!!!
is a post I will share that is very personal while still being equine related.  It was a pretty huge pivotal time in my life, which I still love/hate!!!   (There is a pretty huge chunk of my heart in that post, and it still makes me a bit uncomfortable to read it.)

Ohhh you need a quote to tempt you to head over, no problem. . . . .

 "I grabbed my baby tighter and tried even harder to bring in the reins in a way that seemed firm but not harsh!
The next few seconds are a complete blur. I remember being on the horse with everything moving in slow motion. My brain struggling to click away on solutions."

 It was the last time I was actually on a horse, and not stalking them on foot in my fun rubber boots.  You know I am no horsewoman, right??  I have maybe ridden 5 times in my whole life. 
Would I get on again, yes I think so.  Do I have a burning desire to...uhhhh nope not really. 
I don't need riding to get my horsey fix, just smelling the smell and clicking my shutter is plenty enough to keep me going back for more.

I hope that I have many more years of pasture prowling.  I want to just grow and grow in my ability to create a beautiful equine image. 
I feel pretty good about the progress I have made in the last few years!!!


Limited Equine Photography appointments are available, I love meeting new horse friends.  

Ohhh, and ummmmm don't expect me to be good at keeping up this blog writing.  I would rather be horsing around!!!

Please visit the Equine tab to see more of my current work.

Blessings to you,