Sunday, November 4, 2012

One Blustery Day....

I always have a story to tell when coming in from my time with the Tranquility Ranch horses.  I usually regal my family with the details when we all sit down together for supper and recount our days to one another. 
My buddy at Tranquility asked me to take the time to write out this particular story for you...just for fun. 

The images are not necessarily topnotch as I was practicing with a new lens and a new shooting technique.  I think you will be able to forgive the poor quality in favor of fun and a story!!

Saturday November 3rd was another warm day in the great state of Texas.  The horses had spent most of the day struggling through the heat, rolling in the dirt to cool is their custom.

But, right around 3 p.m. dark clouds began to roll in and the horses began to stir.  A cool breeze blew through and grew to a firm wind, dropping the temperature quickly. begins our story! 

Penelope, a delightful 7 month old filly spied a curious new item in the pasture.  The wind whipped it up a bit and it caught her attention yet again.

She crossed over to it curiously and took a deep sniff of the new item in her world. 
But, sometimes a sniff just doesn't suffice when exploring a new item in your view...sometimes you just gotta taste it!  Well, horses sure seem to have this trait...and maybe one year olds!!! 

Penny nudged with her muzzle and then decided she just needed to grab this bag within her teeth. 
Well, as soon as she did, it crackled, and the wind caught it....and it scared her immediately so that she took off at a full run with this flying flopping dangerousness within her mouth. 

She was so taken aback by it and in such a ruckus that her dam began running about trying to figure out how to help her baby.  This led Sugar Baby (the brown horse pictured) to run about....just out of plain fear of the moment.  This caused every other horse in the pasture to freak out in response.  So above the sound of the brisk wind was the crashing sound of horses running to escape the danger of the moment. 

What was this strange item, where had it come from and what was going to happen next?? 

Penny finally let the bag go and it flew to settle on the ground though tossed wildly about as the wind caught and held it and she ran to return to the side of her mom for protection. 

All the horses gathered around to study this flopping monstrosity and inspect it for additional danger.

Leila, our dam pushed aside her baby and came in close to eye it carefully, deciding how to best handle the situation. 

Not to be outdone by the curiosity of others Penny went in again for another round with the dangerous object.

Which, as you can imagine started the whole scenario over again.  It was a repeat performance for the entire crew.

I think it is going to take Sugar Baby sometime to recover from this one!!! 

On the other hand...Fifi was her normal, boring, not much phases me, lumpy donkey self!!!  Just scroll back up and notice her, taking it all the back ground of a few shots!

Fun times!!!