Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Now meet SJ...

Many months ago, I presented to you little is a memory jog for you!
 He is a precious little love in the foster care of my best buddy. he has grown!!
We got together again for his 6 month images.... and put brother in as well.

 SJ's first week at his new foster home,
oh how he has grown too!!!
Meet SJ...a precocious bundle of adorable that never, never stops moving!!! 

These two fellows had me working fast and furious to keep up with their constant movement! 
Here is one of the outtake shots.  It is too fun not to share! 

Zeke was hanging out, happy as a clam waiting for what would be next and SJ decided to move in for some kisses!!! 
These boys just love each other so!!!

We made sure to get an image showing Zeke and the progress he has made with his growth, but also it tells the story of how long he has been loved by this family!!! (Yup all his little life!)

Of course we needed a great shot of SJ as well, since he is mobile that was a little tougher to tackle...but this is one patient gal right here....and don't you forget it!! 

These boys are being raised by parents who love them, and hope to make them their forever children, how wonderfully awesome is that??!!

Really, super awesome I would say...but hey, I am biased it is my best buddy after all.

Blessings to you,