Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Sweet Siblings

You see this kid right here?? 

I could use so many words other than adorable to describe him, but that is what I keep coming back to.  He is intelligent and kind, polite and mannerly, he loves his Mom and Dad and even his little sister.  He put up with all of my silly photographer antics and did absolutely everything I suggested or asked of him.  (And, I just so happen to know that he is a super good soccer player too!!) 

Speaking of his sister....

She is everything I said about her brother, except in a girly version. Instead of soccer, art and creativity seem to be her forte!! (At least that is what I got from her!)

 This pair of siblings was so very much fun to work with...their parents are on target and raising them to be exceptional little people.

The intent of this session (for me as the photographer) was to capture images that would remind this family of why they love each other, why each unique person is of value to the family, and finally give them images that showed their family bond.  Ohhhh, and to have them enjoy their time with me, instead of dreading yet another photography session (like my own kids do...ha haha).

These siblings talked without reservation to each other, it was beautiful.

She absolutely adored hearing about the first time brother remembered seeing her, how it made him feel that this new baby had come along, and what he thought about having a sister.

And, she in turn, really enjoyed telling about a time that he made her happy.  ( I won't give away what she said, but it was just a simple nothing of a thing, that really impacted her.)

We might have had just a little too much fun playing a round of Telephone, except that this particular image really captures each and every family member exactly how they look and act, and interact with each other.

We finished up our work together and I realized I hadn't gotten a single image of only Mom and Dad together.  We just couldn't have that!  So, I covertly sent the kids off, switched to my longer lens and challenged this couple to remember when they met and what they love about each other.  I didn't hear, nor did I even need to hear what they were saying to one another.  It was more than obvious!

I am so thankful for this family and their willingness to let me make an effort to capture their love for each other.  It was a blast!!

Blessings to you,