Frequently asked questions:

1. Do I really need to buy prints from JD Waterhouse Photography; can't I get "good enough" prints from a local chain store??
         No. Really, that is my answer. Yes you can get prints locally, but I have found in a head to head comparison, there really is NO comparison.  A recent customer of mine remarked "Well with these prints from _____ store, I can't even tell that they were taken with your fancy camera."
Frankly, until doing my own research on the matter I had no idea the difference in quality either! 
I strongly desire to give you gorgeous works of art, and prints ordered through me will display the qualities of that work at its best.
Prints through local one hour chain stores are handled by computers and machines, with no attention to detail by a human at any point in the process.  You deserve better than that! 
Yes, I do feel strongly about this, can you tell?? 

All sessions I offer include a low resolution disc with all of your edited and watermarked images on it for digital sharing.  These images are not suitable, nor intended for printing.
That said, you will find my prints prices to be reasonable and geared toward the thrifty at heart...like me!

This http://paintthemoon.net/blog/2011/10/photoshop-actions-why-your-print-lab-is-so-important/...is a wonderfully written article explaining this in a very visual way!

2. What sizes of prints are available? 
          All of the "classic" sizes of prints are available, wallets 4x6, 5x7, 8x10 etc... but let's not be pigeonholed into that space when making decisions about what the right size is for your prints. 
My favorite image from a recent engagement session had the best look in the size of a 10x20
Maybe for your favorite it will be a 5x5, 12x24, 15x30 or a 30x40.  We will spend time working out those details and making the best choices for you.

3. Does the size make that much of a difference to the look of the picture.
   As an artist, I have to answer this question with a yes.  I design and crop each image to suit each one individually. What works for one does not work for another. You may certainly choose to crop to a classic size, but in our consultation I will let you know my artistic vision for each piece.
Here is a visual example. 
This print is cropped to be able to work in a classic 5x7 format,

However my artistic intent makes it most appropriate in a 10x20.

Your tastes may tend toward more classic than artsy, I get that!  
We will work together to find what suits you best, or you can just leave all of that to me!

 I am flexible!

4. Do you have prints packages?
       Most sessions come with a "print credit" in a certain dollar amount.  This credit allows you to choose a la carte.  So in essence you are creating a custom package for your needs.  Don't worry, I am here to help you!  

5. What are some examples of print prices?
      Some of the classics:
            4x6     $ 7.00
            5x7     $ 10.00
            8x10   $ 20.00

6. I might want a canvas, do you offer things like that too??
          Absolutely,  I am so pleased to be able to offer a wide variety of print choices in varying price ranges.  Gallery wrapped canvases, Wall Clings, and Metal Prints are just some of those options!!  I will have samples of each of these things to show you at your ordering appointment!

 7. If your ultimate preference is for professional printing, why do you include the low resolution disc with your session??
        We all have so much media to play with these days, and I know you will want to share your pictures whether through email to your bunco group, or displayed in a Facebook album.  It is meant to give you digital flexibility for things of that nature.  Your low resolution disc will contain the edited images from our time together.  Each image will carry my watermark and is intended solely for digital sharing.  

8. Do you have a studio where pictures are taken?
        I do not have a studio at this time and prefer to use God's creation whenever possible when taking pictures.  That is referred to as "on location" in the photography world.  There are so many beautiful places both in and close to The Woodlands where I am based.  We can make a decision about what is the right choice for your photos.

9.When do I get to see my edited proofs?
      An ordering appointment is required and is the point in time where all of your edited images will be revealed.  This appointment date will be set for 14-18 days after your photo session (and will be scheduled on or before your actual shoot date).  We will choose a cozy place to meet, whether in your home or at a local coffee shop to review your final images and make decisions based on your specific photograph needs.
10. Do you offer edited images in high resolution on a disc so I can print them myself? 
        Yes, see my package options for pricing on that type of session. 
 That said....  It is my goal to create a bit of artwork with every image that I take; editing to specifically suit each and every shot, pulling the most good out of it that I can.  It is what I do, (and I hope) part of why you will choose me as your photographer!! 
I cannot guarantee the quality of images that you may choose to print, and hope you will see the value in the professional prints that I can offer you.

11. Will I get color images as well as black and white?

Yes, absolutely!!  Some of your images will be edited to classic  black and white, while others will stay in color.  This will be determined as I dig into the editing process.  (Please let me know specifically if you would like a particular image in black and white so I can see if it will work toward that end.) 

12. I noticed you have pictures of more things than what could possibly be "one hour photo sessions", do you do other types of work?
      Why yes I do!!    I have shot birthday parties, horses for auction, wedding showers, items for sale among other things.  I am flexible and just flat out enjoy putting my camera to use.
If you have an idea, give me a call and we can chat to see if I am the person you need for the job.

Jennifer D. Watrous an on location, natural light photographer 
Serving The Woodlands, Texas (just north of Houston) and its surrounding communities.
 email: tjwshop@gmail.com 
Cell: 281-468-3039
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